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During the combustion process in the exhaust cylinders vibrations occur. Low, normal and high frequency vibrations occur during the combustion process in the exhaust cylinders.

22.08.2019 | 7585

What is the purpose of the exhaust system?

 First silencers arrived in the end of 19th and the beginning of 20th after first cars appeared and made cars very popular in big cities. When it comes to vehicles the roar of the engine remains a serious issue. Overtime, the adaption of mufflers has improved, and the latest methods of noise suppression have become very effective.

 Up-to-date muffler is a mechanism designed to reduce the level of noise, and, in addition, to lower the temperature and toxicity of exhaust gases. For modern cars the exhaust system is important and necessary element. Without it the sound of the engine would be unbearably loud for human ears. There are a few more functions of the modern exhaust systems.

-step by step sound wave damping until the desired level of noise achieved

-lowering the temperature of exhaust gases before they leave the pipe

-assurance of driver and passenger’s safety from exhaust vapours

-optimized fuel consumption

-reduction of toxic emissions into environment. 

In order from engine to exhaust pipe, the exhaust system consists of the following modules:

1) Reception or collector pipe – this part of the exhaust system is the most affected by high temperatures and exhaust gases from the engine enter it the first. Reception pipe(manifold) helps to remove burnt gases and helps to fill the combustion chamber with a new portion of fuel mixture.

2) Catalytic converter - reduces the harmful effects of exhaust gases on the environment. Lessens air pollution, neutralizes toxic ingredients by converting unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water.

3) Resonator – coordinates the sound waves, especially for peak low-frequency vibrations and help to slow down the movement of exhaust gases (in some car models may be absent)

4) Muffler (or exhaust system silencer) – uses successive chambers of different sizes to dampen the sound wave to a level acceptable for a human hearing. The significant decrease of the temperature of the exhaust vapours also occurs in the muffler.

5) Exhaust pipe- is used for the final output of the burned gases outside the car.

Muffler is a verified part of exhaust system from 1895.  That days it was designed to reduce the sound of running engine. Nowadays, however, another muffler’s function has become equally important. It serves removal and partial neutralization of toxic elements from the exhaust.

Strong air vibrations are formed during the combustion process of the mixture of fuels and air in the exhaust cylinders. The muffler is used to reduce the impact of acoustic waves. Many other machine qualities are determined by the muffler. Such qualities as the engine power and the level of toxicity in the exhaust vapours are particularly important. Main muffler and extra or a few extra mufflers in some designs contribute to the noise reduction. The presence of a catalytic converter also helps to reduce noise.

How does noise absorption occur with the help of a muffler?

During the combustion process in the exhaust cylinders vibrations occur. Low, normal and high frequency vibrations occur during the combustion process in the exhaust cylinders. The amplitude of these vibrations also varies. While passing through several different cameras in the muffler system the sound is converted into heat. Additionally, this reduces the fluctuations, therefore the sound is not very sharp. The range of sound vibrations depends on the number of revolutions of the engine.

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