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22.08.2019 | 11738

1. What equipment and services does the Machine Tech Sweden workshop include? 

We work with all kinds of cutting machinery (turning, drilling, and milling) and have a well-equipped workshop:

• CNC Milling

• CNC Turning / Lathe

•  4 & 5 Axis

•  Deep Hole Drilling

•  Parts production

•  Welding 

•  Cnc bearbetning

• Tool maintenance, service, and repairs.

2. What is Milling?

Milling is the machining process where rotary cutters are used to remove material from a workpiece advancing (or feeding) in a direction at an angle with the axis of the tool. The milling process removes material by performing many separate, small cuts. This is accomplished by using a cutter with many teeth, spinning the cutter at high speed, or advancing the material through the cutter slowly.

3. What is CNC Milling method used for? 

CNC Milling is the most flexible processing method from all conventional methods available on the market today. The method is mainly used on iron materials but can also be used on plastics and other kinds of solid material.

We use modern machines where the tool can be set at all angles to achieve optimal accessibility and precision. With CNC control, they also enable an unmanned production with high-cost efficiency for the customer where the detail is processed using a three-dimensional CAD model. CNC steering and 5-axis milling also provide the opportunity to work both on the inside and outside of the piece at the same time, which increases further efficiency.

4.  Is CNC Turning / Lathe can only be used for aerospace technologies?

With our manual and CNC turning machines at MachineTech Sweden, lathe work is as commonplace as Aerospace Engineering and unique part build for extensive projects that have the most demanding threshold. Turning is a machining process in which a cutting tool, typically a non-rotary tool bit, defines a helical toolpath by moving more or less linearly while the workpiece rotates. The tool’s axes of movement may be literally a straight line, or they may be with some set of curves or angles, but they are essentially linear (in the nonmathematical sense). Usually the term “turning” is reserved for the generation of external surfaces by this cutting action, whereas this same essential cutting action, when applied to internal surfaces (that are, holes, of one or another kind), is called “boring”.

5. What are 3, 4 & 5 Axis? 

To fully understand the need for 4-axis or 5-axis machining, knowledge of 3-axis milling is required. The 3-axis machine is the most commonly used CNC milling machine. The 3-axis system consists of 3 vectors in space, two perpendiculars to each other and in the same plane commonly known as the x and y-axis with the third being z. 4-axis is the next level of capability in milling. Defined by rotation about one of the 3 primary axes. Depending on which axis the rotation is about, the 4th axis is called A if about the X-axis, or B if about the Y-axis, or C if about the Z-axis. To be considered 4-axis, the machine must be capable of simultaneous motion in each axis. The 4th axis may be used while cutting or to rotate the part to machine a different surface. Many of Machine Tech’s machines can mount a separate piece of equipment to add a 4th axis, or machines can be purchased with 4-axis built into the machine. To increase the capabilities of our CNC mill a 5th axis is incorporated. Our 5-axis setup is more complex and there are two main methods of achieving 5th axis capability.

6.  Which industries Deep Hole Drilling is used for?

As technology and manufacturing processes evolve, Machine Tech has developed into a dominant force in non-mag and stainless alloys, drilling complex components, and tools for the Oil and Gas industry, including sub-assemblies, mandrels, housings, pistons, and sub-sea components. Our expertise in drilling holes, precise unconventional patterns, and large bores with extensive depths is why customers such as Halliburton, Schlumberger, Weatherford, and NASA have relied on Machine Tech over the years.

Our experienced gun drillers, machinists and engineering teams are capable of providing turn-key solutions within the high precision metal part industry. Our customers rely on our expertise and ability to pull a rabbit out of a hat on the most complex of machine-able parts that most shops would turn away.

7. Why parts production is essential for our business?

At MachineTech Sweden we can manufacture from one-piece production up to small and medium-sized series. We work with a variety of materials such as stainless steel and aluminum. We have large and modern machinery and staff who possess a high level of expertise to help the customer achieve their vision.

We perform milling and turning work both manually and in five-axle CNC-controlled machines, depending on the product requires. In our part production, we have based on the customer's wishes, the opportunity to turn, bend, mill, weld, and polish to achieve a hundred percent quality. We work with all the materials available on the market and with details ranging in size from weighing a few grams to hundreds of kilos.

We at MachineTech Sweden have a long experience in piece manufacturing, which means that our staff is used to be problem solvers. We are happy to work with complete solutions from drawing to finished product.

8. What are the most common welding types?

Here at MachineTech Sweden we have multiple welding stations too and can handle different types and sizes of welds, including MIG, MAG, TIG and Gas welds for different materials including several plasmas and cutting torches. We also have portable welding equipment of various sizes to be used for working out at the customer site. Our welding services include sheet metal welding, pipe welding, frame welding, etc.

9. Why tool maintenance, service, and repairs are an important part of the service?

Spare parts, servicing, maintenance of tools and fixtures are one part of expertise. Over the years we have noticed that customers need a service that can provide spare parts and deal with tool maintenance. Nowadays we have a separate department which works with such things so that our customers can always be assured of fast service in the event of tool failure.

Machinetech Lego Sweden AB have technologies and values ​​for productive cooperation with such company type as:

Company Type-O.E.M

Company Type-Sub-Contractor

Company Type-Other

and industries such as :

• Aerospace

• Agriculture

• Appliances

• Auto Sports

• Automotive

• Biotechnology

• Communication Equipment

• Construction

• Defence / Military

• Food & Beverage

• Furniture

• Heavy Vehicles / Construction Equipment

• Industrial Machinery

• Marine

• Medical Appliances & Equipment

• Medical devices

• Mining

• Oil / Chemical / Energy

• Pump & Valve

• Rail

• Truck & Transportation (non automotive)

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