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Fillex – Manual Direct Filling Machine

Fillex – Manual Direct Filling Machine

Fillex –Manual Direct Filling Machine is designed to texturize glass fibre roving and inject directly into spun (rolled) mufflers with the help of our custom designed glass-fiber texturizing nozzle. The term “texturizing” is associated with the modification of the physical arrangement of glass fiber filaments, so they offer optimized sound absorbing performance.

Fillex – Manual Direct Filling Machine is a manually operated machine and has capacity to drive 2 glass fibre strands, and blow simultaneously with one nozzle or two nozzles operation, depending upon the application type. Machine requires an operator to load and unload the muffler on the horizontal fixture provided with machine, and to start the filling process with the provided foot pedal. 

Some features Fillex – Manual Direct Filling Machine that worth to mention

Fillex – Manual Direct Filling Machine is based on Control panel (HMI) & PLC system that allows the recipe management and has ability to save up to 100 recipes in the integrated memory. Recipes can be saved as production part number, and it is possible to have one recipe with up to 4 filling cycles, which means upto 4 different amounts of fiber in 4 filling cycles (1 filling = 1 amount of fiber). This helps to produce either more than one part number in which each part has different amounts of fiber to fill or to fill more than one cavity with different amounts of fiber in one part number.

Fillex – Glass fiber filling machines are being engineered with sole purpose to provide best to our customers. Fillex – Manual Direct Filling Machine is CE marked product according to CE Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Fillex – Manual Direct Filling Machine can also be customized with additional accessories according to the specific requirements, choice of Components, or application area. 

Key features & specification for standard system

Key Features:

2 strands of glass fiber roving
PLC system

HMI & Recipe management
CE mark
Dust proof electro static sensors
Intelligent safety
Possible to customize
Equipped to connect vaccum fan
Hand and/or pedal operation
Siemens or Allen Bradley PLC and Control panel. 


Exotic passenger cars
Commercial vehicles
Two & three wheelers
Industrial silencer filling
Silencer filling for power engines

Operational Specification:

Number of filling nozzles: 1 – 2

Nozzles per muffler: 1 – 2

Cycletimewithoutfilling: ~ 3 sec

Noise level: ≤ 85dB

Change over  with 1 operator:

Tool change over: ≤ 5 min

Material feeding change over: ≤ 10 min

Height adjustment: Manual function. 

Filling Specifiations:

Glass-fiber 4800 G/km Tex @ 50Hz

~  30.4 g/sec/nozzle

Glass-fiber 7000 G/km Tex @ 50Hz

~ 50.2 g/sec/nozzle

Glass-fibre rovings:

All models fabricated by MachineTech Sweden have the capability to drive different Tex. values of glass-fibre roving i.e. 2400 Tex., 4800 Tex., 7000 Tex.

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