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Fillex - Robot Filling Machine

Fillex - Robot Filling Machine

The machine is intended for filling shell type mufflers with textured (blown) glass-fibre in the silencer cavities. The standard version of machine requires an operator to run it. Operations are semi-automatic with automatic processing, whereas the full automatic system can be build according to requirements. 

The machine is equipped with one or more robots and an index table depending on the applications type. The machine fills the muffler same time as the operator replaces a filled muffler with an empty one for filling in the next cycle. This can be done as soon as the turntable has stopped moving. 

Flexible solution with our designed tooling fo robot head.

The silencer can be filled in more than one chamber with different or same filling amount glass fiber in each chmaber in automatic operation (depending on the silencer design). The robot is equipped with our custom designed tooling using the 7th axis of robot arms to handel one or two nozzles for texturizing the glass fiber and fill directly into the muffler's filling chamber. 

There are multiple options and various types of tooling availble for different designs of mufflers. Please feel free to conatct us to inquire more about our machines and automation solutions for your prduction lines.  

Key Features and Applications

Key Features:

Up to 2 nozzles operation.

Dust proof electrostatic sensors.

Touch screen conrtol panel.

Self-diagnostics (alarms).

Automatic & Manual operating mode.

Recipe management.

CE mark.

Intelligent safety.

Password protection for different userlevels.

Wifi connection for remote assistance.



Medium to high volume

Exotic passenger cars

Commercial vehicles


Filling Specifiations:

Glass-fiber 4800 G/km Tex @ 50Hz

~  30.4 g/sec/nozzle

Glass-fiber 7000 G/km Tex @ 50Hz

~ 50.2 g/sec/nozzle


Siemens or Allen Bradley PLC.

Filling weight check according to tolerance on drawing.

Poka yoke for tooling and/or  Part: mechanical, sensors, or vision system.

Temperature and humidity controlled climate chamber for glass fiber conditioning.

Bar code reader.

Multiple options & accessories

Fillex – Manual Filling Machine

Fillex – Manual Filling Machine

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