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A team of pioneers for fabricating complete CE marked fiber glass texturizing and filling equipment for mufflers and sound dampening applications

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Spare parts and tooling accessories for aftermarket support, repair and modification.
Spare parts

 Being engaged in innovative machine technologies we understand huge importance of aftermarket support and parts availability. Though Machine Tech takes pride in reliability of every solution we offer, still, some spare parts can wear and tear over time.

 Therefore, we manufacture and supply the whole list of spare parts for every type of our texturizers, starting from O-rings and knife cutters and finishing by electrostatic roving sensors and brake or feed roll complete. Moreover, we supply complete hose packages for vertical or manual machines, which include nozzle, cutter, hoses, and quick connection.

Tooling accessories

Designing our glass fiber texturizing machines we strive to make them universal. So, due to these sophisticated machine technologies you can easy fill mufflers and any other sound dampening applications of different size and shape.

 However, you can want to modify your direct filling equipment with extra tooling accessories according to your needs. Therefore, we offer a wide range of tooling accessories for our standard and turn-key solutions.

  For example, we supply following accessories for Fillex® Vertical eGlass Machine that makes possible to apply different filling directions:

Machine Tech engineering is at your service

 At Machine Tech we chose in-house manufacturing among other operation schemes. This enables us to be extremely flexible at your request and cover all your needs in spare parts and tooling accessories. Thus, we can guarantee they are always available.

 To sum up, it is necessary to mention that Machine Tech developed wide distribution network and organized its thorough administration. This enables us to deliver the spare parts and the accessories all over the world and control the lead time so that it doesn’t exceed four weeks.

Fillex® MTI: Manual Texturizer Intelligent

Intelligent solution for easy direct filling

Fillex® Manual Texturizer Intelligent (Fillex® MTI) is CE marked product designed to texturize glass fibre roving and inject directly into exhaust cavities with hand operated or fixed nozzle(s). The term “texturizing” is associated with the modification of the physical arrangement of glass fiber filaments, so they offer optimized sound absorbing performance.

Our Fillex® MTI is widely used in automotive industry, but has other applications:

• glass fiber bags filling,

• mesh net bags filling,

• non-automotive,

• aftermarket,

• marine.

Key Fillex® MTI’s features

Fillex® MTI is a manually operated machine. Its capacity enables to drive 2 glass fibre strands. Thus, it can blow with two nozzles at the same time in order to increase productivity. However, it can drive 4 strands with twin feeding unit option. Moreover, this unit can also be provided with option of different amounts of fiber glass on each nozzle.


The Fillex® MTB’s main frame has Programmable Logic Controller. This feature allows the recipe management and can save up to 250 recopies. One of the most important equipment features we consider additional accessories we provide. Thus, this texturizer can be customized according to the specific requirements or application area.

Other valuable features of our Fillex® MTI are:

• hand and/or pedal operation,

• dust proof electro static sensors,

• intelligent safety,

• programmed to connect vacuum fan.

Structural Definitions of Fillex® MTI

Fillex® MTI consists of following three units in the main frame:

Fillex® Vertical eGlass filling machine

Our standard solution for high volume production
Fillex® Vertical eGlass filling CE marked machine is intended for filling vertically positioned mufflers with textured glass-fibre filaments. It is equipped with 4 “press rollers” – one for each filling nozzle. Thus, the machine can utilize up to 4 nozzles with 4 separate filling amounts. In other words, we designed this texturizer to cover your needs in medium and high volume production.

The application range of our Fillex® Vertical eGlass filling machine is comprehensive. For example, it has got following applications:


• Automotive industry,

• Pessanger vehicles,

• Commercial vehicles,

• Aftermarket.

Main features of the Fillex® Vertical eGlass filling machine

The machine fills mufflers of different length (from 180 or up to 900 mm) from both sides (A and B sides). All operations are semi-automatic with automatic processing. Therefore, the texturizer requires an operator only to activate the start button, turn the muffler after filling one side, and replace a filled muffler with an empty one for filling in the next cycle. Other operations run automatically due to:

• a turntable which turns the mufflers 180 degrees clockwise and counter clockwise,

• a suction table connected with linear unit that lifts up the mufflers to the filling position,

• a height adjustment unit that adjust turntable and suction table to the exhaust’s length.


Fillex® MTB: Manual Texturizer Basic Perfect solution for low volume production

Fillex® Manual Texturizer Basic (Fillex® MTB) is a cost effective version of our Fillex® MTI model. Having the capacity to drive 2 strands of glass-fiber it can blow simultaneously utilizing two nozzles. In other words, it perfectly meets low volume production needs. Therefore, it is mainly used for R& D and Lab purposes.

Some features of Fillex® MTB that worth to mention

  One of the main Fillex® MTB’ features are its compact size and small footprint. Therefore, it takes less space in a factory or laboratory setting and can fit even in rather tight spaces. Due to its light weight, this equipment can be easily moved from side to side. In addition, we designed this manual texturizer to be user-friendly and with “Plug and Play” features to ensure easy operation.

  At last, we should mention that the equipment is manually operated. Therefore, it requires an operator not only to start the sequence and change filled exhaust. If you need to change an amount of feed, it can be done only by manually changing the weaving on the brass fingers. However, other stages of filling process are performed automatically.