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Automation solutions

We offer standard systems, turn-key projects and aftermarket support. Our standard systems include the range of glass fiber texturizing and filling equipment from R&D level to high volume production.


We know how to meet customers´ needs and requirements.


Our services are only of the highest possible quality.


Flexible prices are the cornerstone of our vision, business idea and concept.

Innovative Production Equipment
MachineTech Sweden AB

MachineTech Sweden AB is a team of pioneers in building the glass fiber filling and special machines. Dealing with vehicle and engineering industries we understand their needs in cost-effective solutions for glass fiber filling applications. To cover these needs we produce standard automation equipment and dedicated systems of joint specification. Our clients highly appreciate us for our turn key projects that include:

• concept design,

• pre-study,

• development,

• feasibility study and simulation,

• manufacturing of parts and production equipment.

A few words about our standard glass fiber solutions

 Our range of standard automated texturzing and direct filling machines for mufflers and sound dampening applications includes:

• Basic Texturizing Unit,

• Manual Filling Machine

• Vertical Fiber-Glass Filling Machine

 You can select an appropriate standard unit according to your volume production needs (low, medium or high).

silencer filling machines apply direct input method that ensures lower material costs. Direct filling doesn’t demand any pre-forms, cases or shielding, and provides scrap reducing. The Process that qualifies the Euro 6 and Euro 6b emission regulations. That results in reducing downtime while increasing equipment productivity. Fully automated process reduces operator responsibility while enhance his safety. Speaking of safety, it is necessary to mention that we do care about the environment. Therefore, the fiber tooling we manufacture is CE marked production equipment. It is harmless to health of an operator as well as to the environment.

Our support and service commitment
 We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients. For this purpose we step further than unit production and system installation. So, we provide following comprehensive services:

• training and programming assistance,

• on-line and on-site diagnostic and service,

• upgrade and equipment relocation support,

• aftermarket support.

 Our in-house design and manufacturing facilities enable us to ensure spare part availability for every solution we implement. Developing local partnership we are able to provide in time customer support, service and maintenance.

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We value our partners and believe that our program of partnership is very effective business tool that opens many advantages for its participants.

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Glass fiber mufflers & bag filling machines

Read our company blog to get to know us better

Fillex: Manual direct filling machine.

Intelligent solution for easy direct filling Fillex® Manual Texturizer Intelligent (Fillex® MTI) is CE marked product designed to texturize glass fibre roving and inject directly into exhaust cavities with hand operated or fixed nozzle(s). The term “texturizing” is associated with the modification of the physical arrangement of glass fiber filaments, so they offer optimized sound absorbing performance.

Fillex: direct filling machine with two station index table.

Our standard solution for high volume production Fillex® Vertical eGlass filling CE marked machine is intended for filling vertically positioned mufflers with textured glass-fibre filaments. It is equipped with 4 “press rollers” – one for each filling nozzle. Thus, the machine can utilize up to 4 nozzles with 4 separate filling amounts. In other words, we designed this texturizer to cover your needs in medium and high volume production.

Fillex: Manual machine for bag filling, industrial silencer,  or special applications.

Fillex® Manual Texturizer Basic (Fillex® MTB) is a cost effective version of our Fillex® MTI model. Having the capacity to drive 2 strands of glass-fiber it can blow simultaneously utilizing two nozzles. In other words, it perfectly meets low volume production needs. Therefore, it is mainly used for R&D and Lab purposes.

Spare parts and tooling accessories for aftermarket support, repair and modification Spare parts

Being engaged in innovative machine technologies we understand huge importance of aftermarket support and parts availability. Though Machine Tech takes pride in reliability of every solution we offer, still, some spare parts can wear and tear over time. For a quick, and professional response, please send your inquiry to or


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